Welcome to TIAA

We offer a wide range of business assurance services, from internal audit, counter fraud and security management to ICT audit, forensic investigations, risk management and governance.  We also offer training solutions to help you grow your business through development of your staff.

Our team supply a high-quality and innovative provision, tailored to your needs.  We pride ourselves on treating every client as an individual and ensuring they receive comprehensive, bespoke and yet cost-effective services.  We take a local, not a global, approach to client service. TIAA offers clients the benefit of national expertise with a local presence as our staff work from a network of regional offices across the UK, making our service both comprehensive and accessible.

We have extensive industry experience across a diverse range of sectors, both private and public.  We are dedicated to the effective stewardship of public funds and are passionate about creating high performing public services that face fewer risks.

Our Values

TIAA combines a business approach with a real motivation to work for the good of public services and we share this philosophy with our private sector clients.  We are proud to say that our client base is in excess of 400 organisations and growing.

We have the capacity, knowledge and expertise to give you a thorough and consistent experience.  Please explore our website to find out more about how we can help you to run a well-governed, high-performing organisation.

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