With the UK Government relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions, we are now transitioning into the ‘new normal’. Moving into this unchartered territory can be difficult for organisations to manage, ensuring you have ongoing robust, flexible plans in place can help mitigate potential critical risks. We are here to assist with pragmatic advice, guidance and assurance for organisations seeking direction, in order to navigate the new ways of working.  Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Purpose

Our success is underpinned by our commitment to corporate responsibility. We care about our clients, our staff and our community.

Big firm capability, small firm personality

We are not a multi-national, faceless, impersonal organisation. We pride ourselves on being approachable and treating each client as an individual: you will never be just another number to us. Our clients will always be at the centre of everything we do.  We know that each organisation we work with has their individual challenges and requirements. That is why TIAA never delivers a standard service, but a truly personalised one created in partnership with you.

From the very start, we will liaise closely with you to understand the particular risks and issues your organisation faces. TIAA’s approach places you at the heart of our business, ensuring that our plans, our work, and our delivery are specifically tailored to you.  We seek to earn your trust and loyalty, not only through the high quality of the service we deliver, but also through the strength of the personal relationship we build with you.

As our client, you will have our attention whenever you need it because we care about you.

Expert, empowered, enthusiastic

TIAA is proud to be an employee-owned organisation, based on the ‘John Lewis’ model. Our talented staff have a genuine stake and voice within the company, and we trust them to take the initiative and be decision makers.  Our supportive environment and clear career paths mean that our staff are highly motivated.  They want to succeed and they want our clients to succeed.  The high standards they demand of themselves ensure you always receive a first-class business assurance service.

We take our social responsibility seriously. Initiatives in this area include offering placements for unemployed people and work experience for school-leavers where they can gain valuable skills.  We work with many clients to offer their accounting trainees experience of working in audit to help them complete their professional logs.

Our work provides flexibility in terms of working hours/patterns etc. Furthermore, maturity is important for our staff, hence we welcome applications from those who have had an employment break. We provide “get back up to date” training, and are always pleasantly surprised how well prepared returners actually are.

We are committed to assisting a wide range of graduates obtain the first crucial rung on the career ladder. We provide both direct work experience but also the communication and confidence skills vital for job interviews and most careers. Each ‘into work’ student is provided with a mentor who assists them progressing within TIAA or seeking employment elsewhere. We consider this latter element to be important so students do not feel beholden to us.

Committed to community

We are committed to supporting our local communities. Our staff are very involved with the community, and are proud to support both local and national charities through numerous corporate and local office initiatives. TIAA recognises the positive influence of good corporate citizenship, and this commitment is expressed through:

We have held “Green Dragon” accreditation since 2013 and are fully committed to retaining this accreditation as part of our sustainable business model.

For more information, please see our Social Initiatives page.