“As a Principal Auditor my main responsibilities include arranging and completing audits for various clients from their approved annual audit plan. Deadlines can sometimes be tight, and building a good working relationship with clients is essential in helping ensure that audits run smoothly and in line with client expectations. I have a core portfolio of clients, for whom I generally carry out most or all of the audits within their annual plan. I’ve also been asked to carry out audits for other clients across several industry sectors, which can involve travel further afield. I’ve completed audits for clients in all four corners of the UK, usually involving staying in hotels for several days. I enjoy the travelling and meeting new clients and am part of a good team who can provide support if needed. Often I have to think on my feet, marrying the needs of the client with the requirements of an independent, constructive audit function. Generally my schedule is planned well in advance, though sometimes ad hoc requests may mean juggling several deadlines and expectations. Overall I really enjoy my job and feel well-supported by my line manager and by the firm.”

Principal Auditor