“I started my journey with TIAA five years ago as a graduate internal auditor shortly after graduating with a diploma in Accounting and Finance. I had solid theoretical knowledge of the internal audit function but had little practical experience and as part of the TIAA graduate programme, I spent the first 6 months shadowing my line manager undertaking internal audits, leading client projects and managing clients. Straight away I felt that I was working with professionals that I could learn from and that I would be pushed to take on new and challenging opportunities, all of which sounded extremely motivating to me. In the last five years I have secured two promotions, therefore I feel that commitment, hard work and continued development definitely doesn’t go unnoticed at TIAA. The best words to describe the key attributes of working for the company are team spirit and comradery. Due to TIAA’s diversified client portfolio, no two days are the same and I feel that I am always learning something new. I have always been treated with respect by my colleagues, valued for what I bring in to the firm and given encouragement if needed (let’s be honest we all need it sometimes!). There are so many wonderful things about working for the company and my favourite is probably the flexibility I have with my workloads. I also love the company culture and enjoy working with everyone.”

Principal Auditor