All organisations are under constant risk of a cyber-attack. Are you sure you’re protected, or do you just rely on an annual penetration test? 

You may be familiar with the annual IT “Penetration test”. A technically complex report (which may be unfathomable by many readers) yet is relied on for assurance. Despite this snapshot test you rely on it for the other 364 days in the year! 

As business assurance specialists, we know what good assurance looks like. We recognise the evolving cyber-crime threat is already leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence). In 2023 8.2 billion records were breached (IT Governance website). The frequency and scale of attacks has become so routine, we risk becoming conditioned to ignore it. 

How do you get assurance that your IT systems are secure against the latest exploit if your penetration test isn’t scheduled for several months?  

What should leaders do in seeking robust assurance?

Our Cyber Security Advisory can be a benefit to all organisations to help: 

  • Improve cyber security management systems. 
  • Provide ongoing vulnerability scanning via a subscription service. 
  • Deliver robust and independent challenge to your IT services.   

Adsure Services PLC, in partnership with TIAA Ltd, have specialist advisory services to assist organisations in developing robust cyber security. Please take the time to read the guide and speak to our Digital Advisory team to better understand we can help. 

Claim your complimentary guide here to discover the top 10 effective measures to improve your Cyber Security.