I’m currently in my sixth week with TIAA and can honestly say I have found my perfect job. It feels like I have been here forever! I was so nervous about the virtual recruitment process and working remotely but felt the process was so efficient. I was made to feel comfortable and the contact I had following the interview was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble (I asked a lot of questions!). I’d never previously thought of doing an Apprenticeship as I feel there is a lot of stigma attached to them but I quickly learnt it’s a fantastic way of obtaining the qualification whilst doing loads of on the job training. My preferred way of learning. I would recommend it to everyone.

I knew very little about the world of auditing and no experience at all but I shouldn’t have worried. I was in the same boat as other new starters and have been supported from the first day of induction by all levels of staff. Everyone is so friendly and respectable. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting a few face to face, through the Environmental Day (what a fantastic team building experience) but no doubt that will change in the coming months.

Induction was an excellent starting point and gave us just the right amount of information to send us off to our new Teams. Laura has been amazing at answering queries we had and talking us through the process of the Apprenticeship. The ongoing support we have had has been invaluable. No two days are ever the same!

I can’t thank all the staff at TIAA enough but especially The Welsh Team, who has given me so many opportunities, from meeting some of our lovely clients by letting me sitting in on meetings and asking questions after, to trusting me with various tasks. Each person has supported me, included me, showed me the ropes and always making sure I’m kept busy (which I love!!). I’m extremely lucky to be working with such talented people, especially Elan my Line Manager, who will no doubt continue to guide, nurture and help me obtain my goals throughout my career, helping me decide what career path is right for me. Diolch o galon.


Trainee Auditor

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