Earlier on this year, the Government announced a £150 energy rebate for homes in council tax bands A to D, to help people cope with the escalating cost of living prices. Around 80% of households will benefit from this rebate.

However scammers are cold-calling people asking for their bank details to receive the £150 rebate, and a scam email is also in circulation.

Eligible households that pay council tax by direct debit will receive the payment directly into their bank account. Those who do not use direct debit to pay their Council Tax will be contacted by their Local Authority with details of how to claim. Anyone who unexpectedly receives a text, email or phone call regarding the rebate should not give out personal or banking information, and should not click on any links.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has advised that councils will never ask for bank details over the phone. If you are unsure whether a caller is genuine, hang up and phone your council directly using the contact number on its website.

Remember anyone can fall victim to a scam, and scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Further information can be found on the LGA’s website: https://www.local.gov.uk/about/news/dont-be-fooled-newscams-councils-say

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