Are you CQC ready?

Using our CQC Achieve or CQC Achieve Plus service will assist your organisation in mitigating risks.

If you manage a CQC-regulated organisation, you will know that CQC ratings are critical to commercial success.

The rating is seen by service users and their families as a mark of the quality of care being provided. Paying clients, whether local authorities or private individuals will switch to care providers with better ratings.

A CQC rating will be considered by insurers in calculating the annual premium

Whether your organisation is facing an imminent CQC inspection, following up an action plan of required improvements or simply would like to pro-actively satisfy yourself that CQC compliance is being achieved, a mock inspection can be a significant benefit.

Why Mock Inspections?

  • Prepare your staff for what can be a very anxious and disruptive CQC inspection
  • Independent and robust
  • Offer constructive challenge
  • Offer examples of outstanding practice from similar organisations
  • Ease your way to a CQC inspection in which you are well prepared

Mock inspections will help your organisation avoid one or more of these issues, along with the associated reputational and financial costs:

  • Serious safeguarding issues causing harm to service users
  • Poor team culture resulting in problems with recruitment and retention
  • Challenging CQC reports causing loss of new and ongoing business
  • Potential closure of the care home and associated personal reputational damage
  • Poor leadership and lack of support to management
  • Compensation due to serious injury of users and staff
  • Legal fees as not all the legal support is covered with insurance


TIAA is proud to support CQC regulated organisations, having provided effective audit and governance advisory services to well over 150 such organisations over 20 years. Our service is delivered to an exceptionally high standard by professional and skilled staff. We offer two options, CQC Achieve and CQC Achieve Plus. The team comprises of a range of experienced professionals, including a former CQC Inspector. We will work with you in a sensitive, yet constructively challenging way. Our approach is tailored to your needs. Fieldwork will generally involve a blend of off-site and on-site attendance depending on the area(s) under consideration. The resulting report will highlight areas requiring improvement and where appropriate will refer to outstanding practice from other organisations.

CQC Achieve: Standard Service

A mock inspection on a focused area where one of our assessors will scrutinise evidence in a mock inspection scenario and offer constructive advice where there are gaps in compliance.

CQC Achieve Plus: Advanced Service

A mock inspection of all five key questions and all six population groups, where relevant.

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