We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact, including energy use, waste generation, travel and resource use.

We are proud to have been accredited to the Green Dragon Environmental Certification since 2012, achieving Standard 3 in February 2022. Through our accreditation with Green Dragon, we understand our baseline emissions, set annual targets in order to reduce our impact and are focused on implementing our most straight forward carbon reduction opportunities in the near future, before tackling longer term, more complex issues that may require cooperative working with other organisations.

New initiatives in 2021/22 included:
  • Reducing our carbon footprint – we have now publicly declared our intention to be Net Zero by 2030.
  • Our fleet – 15 fleet vehicles at the end of their previous contracts have now been replaced with electric or PHEV7 vehicles. We anticipate that by 2026/27 all TIAA lease vehicles will be electric/hybrid and by 2029/30 the vehicles offered will be all electric.
  • Office improvements – all office lighting now converted to LED, improving energy efficiency.
  • Encouraging biodiversity – TIAA chose to sponsor a tree in a scheme created by Fareham Borough Council called ‘The Queen’s Copse’.
  • Staff wellbeing – providing our employees with Christmas gift boxes including organic, recycled and sustainable gifts, with £1 donated to The Ocean Clean Up charity for each box purchased.
  • Supporting our communities – an annual budget was agreed for 2021/22, to support charities, projects and community initiatives.
To view a copy of our Environmental Performance Report 2021/2022, please click below.
TIAA Environmental Performance Report 2021/22