TIAA has been alerted to a new phishing email that is circulating. The email is sent
from and the email content is as follows. (Note the spelling and grammar errors which are commonly found in a phishing email)

Fake Email Content

Get Your Free Omicron PCR today to avoid restrictions
NHS scientists have warned that the new Covid variant Omicron spreads
rapidly, can be transmitted between fully vaccinated people, and makes jabs
less effective. However, as the new covid variant (Omicron) has quickly become
apparent, we have had to make new test kits as the new variant appears dormant
in the original test kits.

What happen if you decline a COVID-19 Omicron test?
In this situation, we warned that testing is in the best interests of themselves,
friends, and family. People who do not consent or cannot agree to a COVID-19
test and refuse to undergo a swab must be isolated.

How to request a Free Omicron PCR test?
You can order your Omicorn pcr test via NHS portal by clicking the link below:

What happen if you are positive?
If positive, they must isolate for 10 days and should be reported to Public
Health England.

How to protect yourself from fraud

  • Stop and think before clicking on a link, as this may install malware, such as viruses, spyware or ransomware on your device, and data or sensitive information could be stolen.
  • Delete any phishing email immediately.
  • Never give out personal or financial information about yourself unless you are absolutely sure the source is genuine.
  • Further prevention advice can be found on the National Cyber Security Centre website for both individuals and organisations.

If you have fallen victim to fraud you should report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300
123 2040.