Throughout the pandemic, a relaxation in recruitment processes, has resulted in an increase in fraud risks, especially as documentation verification checks are likely to have been less stringent.

TIAA is able to provide advice on a robust recruitment process to ensure your organisation is protected against fraudulent candidates.

Fraud risks include false ID or right to work documents, false degree certificates and false references/employment histories. False qualification certificates, along with other documentation, can readily be bought on-line.

While any initial misrepresentation on a CV or application form may be deemed as a little while lie, it can lead to bigger reputational and financial costs in years to come.

As well as an in-depth review of recruitment policies and procedures, TIAA can undertake investigations to a criminal standard, and provide advice on identity document validation technologies that can assist in quickly establishing the authenticity of documents such as passports and driving licences.

For further discussion and support please contact:

Melanie Alflatt, Director of Anti-Crime Services

0845 300 3333