May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month!

Started by The IIA in the 1990s, International Internal Audit Awareness Month helps promote the value of internal audit both inside and outside of organisations.

All throughout May we’ll be promoting the value and critical role of internal auditors by sharing a range of material.

Join us by following our Twitter and LinkedIn social media accounts and download and share our materials.

Resources that we will be sharing during the month include:

All in a days work – Produced by the IIA, this describes internal auditors’ roles and responsibilities.

Internal Auditors Don’t Sink Ships. Save them – Helping to correct misperceptions about Internal Auditors, this article demonstrates the positive force of Internal Auditing.

Case Study – Expenses Policy And Process at a Healthcare Organisation

What is Added Value? – The Concept – the first of a series of articles by Kevin Limn, Deputy Managing Director at TIAA.

What is Added Value? – Time – in the second in our series of articles we explore the benefit of time. The ability to release an individual’s time, or that of their team, from one onerous task to several others – can be the most under-sold benefit that an audit can present.

What is Added Value? – Values – the third article in our series exploring added value, we look at the next benefit criteria of internal audit, values. Focusing on an individual, team or organisation’s values system, this is potentially the criteria where internal audit can evolve the most in its approach, adding value.

What is Added Value? – Money – the forth and final article in our series.

Our Internal Audit Specialists are available to provide advice and assurance.  You can contact us via our Contact Us page and to find out more about our Internal Audit services, please visit out dedicated website page Internal Audit.