The following information has been received from the NHS Counter Fraud Authority:

Between late 2021 and early 2022, there have been at least six mandate frauds perpetrated against NHS health bodies in England. Fortunately, no funds were lost: Due to suspicious activity being noticed by the bank the account was and remains frozen, although some money was paid to the fraudsters’ bank account. The total value of fraud attributed to a company behind the bank account common to all these mandate frauds is £4.3m. That’s an eye-watering sum, especially if you translate it in terms of the salaries of doctors or nurses.

NHS finance offices should immediately be made aware of the following details:

Company name: UKGB Ltd

Bank account details: HSBC 40-27-07 / 91606883

Action to be taken:

Check systems for the HSBC bank account detailed above. A retrospective trawl of invoices and payments is advisable given the number of frauds perpetrated to date and the amount of money involved.

If you think that your organisation has been a victim of mandate fraud, please notify your bank immediately to attempt to recover lost funds, and alert your Anti-Crime Specialist.

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