Another day, another event. The use of the words ‘toxic culture’ are used in the news released today about the BBC’s investigation into fast food chain McDonald’s and alleged incidents across many of its restaurants across the UK. 

Having spoken about this topic recently, the cases still flow, with McDonald’s executive I’m sure now having to work hard to establish the facts and deal with the reputational damage that this will no doubt cause. McDonalds had previously made a series of legally binding commitments to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in tackling issues of sexual harassment of its staff, inclusive of management training in how to deal with this issue. 

Such is the seriousness of this, is that the EHRC have today launched an email hotline for McDonald’s employees to report incidents.  

However, there are multiple victims here, victims of sexual abuse, harassment and simply unacceptable behaviours across, what has been described as a workforce which has one of the youngest average ages ranges across it employee base. 

References to victims being ignored, incidents being covered up, active management involvement in the behaviours are extremely sad, but commonplace. 

Despite this event just hitting the press, there is already lessons that organisations must take note of surrounding its organisation’s culture, management behaviours, training for those who receive allegations in how to deal with the information, support the victims and prevent further harm, plus making sure that reporting lines exist, are effective and that effective actions are taken upon receipt of concerns. 

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