The coronation of King Charles III, dubbed “Operation Golden Orb” by security services, is expected to be a major event impacting the entirety of the UK, creating significant disruption and major security challenges at events in cities across the country and in London specifically.

  • The coronation has the potential to attract millions of people to pay their respects. Hundreds of Police officers from across the UK will be withdrawn from local duties in order to support the operation. This creates potential security risks including reduced emergency response times, severe pressure on police resources, and a strain on basic services.
  • Insurers have issued a theft warning as people prepare to celebrate the coronation, leaving homes and premises unoccupied over the Bank Holiday period. Thefts increased by 36% during the Jubilee celebrations last year. (Source: LV= General Insurance)


This historic, high-profile event provides a target-rich environment for potential terrorists. London will be subject to an enhanced security presence, including increased patrols, road closures and hostile vehicle mitigation barriers. Police say the number of security threats is unprecedented, including Just Stop Oil, Irish dissident groups, anarchist and anti-monarchist
groups such as Republic. There will be more than 30 big screens erected in cities across the country for people to gather and watch the occasion.


The scheduled timeline of events will involve a state procession through Central London, attracting attendance levels of at least
several hundred thousand.Day of coronation: Saturday May 6th
King Charles III will travel from Buckingham Palace, down The Mall via Admiralty Arch, Whitehall and Parliament Square to Westminster Abbey in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach. The service will begin at 1100 hrs. Charles will be crowned alongside the Queen Consort Camilla. The King’s procession will then begin back to Buckingham Palace at 1400 hrs.

D + 1 Sunday May 7th
Celebrations will continue in the form of the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle. The Coronation Big Lunch led by the Eden Project in Cornwall invites people to hold community parties across the country in honour of the occasion.

D + 2: Monday May 8th Bank Holiday
The King has asked the British public to get involved on this day with volunteering, dubbed the Big Help Out.

Security Assessment

Holding such a historic, high-profile event in Central London provides a target rich environment for potential terrorists. London will be subject to an enhanced security presence, including increased patrols, road closures and hostile vehicle mitigation barriers. The security services will be focused on identifying and preventing any potential associated terrorist threats.

A celebratory parade, large screen venues showing the event and other gatherings will create a packed public environment across landmark locations. Westminster is likely to have a vehicle exclusion zone in effect throughout the period.

The publication of a more detailed event itinerary with further specifics is likely to take place in the coming days. This relatively short notice may reduce the ability of hostile actors to effectively plan, prepare, and carry out detailed hostile reconnaissance in the event of any planned terrorist attack.

The current national security threat level is SUBSTANTIAL. The country is likely to remain subject to a significant threat and remain on a heightened security footing throughout this period.

A heavy focus on providing security for the event could result in police shortages and increased response times elsewhere.

Operation Golden Orb is likely to result in significant disruption to key services. Access to retail and corporate environments will be impacted with supply issues due to route closures. Disruption is likely to arise from the events themselves, associated security measures, and the expected influx of huge numbers of people. This places emergency services under considerable strain and results in reduced response times. Additional strain on communications infrastructure is assessed as highly likely, increasing the likelihood of potential telephone and computer network disruptions.

Our Advice

  • Ensure staff keep up to date with latest bulletins. Refer to your LSMS and tools such as
  • Consider impact and adjustments to health services, and travel arrangements, during this period.

(Source – information obtained from non-sensitive, open-source reporting on the official schedule for the events, including BBC News).