TIAA Anti-Crime Specialists have been alerted that nurses from overseas are being targeted by fraudsters purporting to be from gov. uk.

The fraudsters tell the nurses that their NHS employer has got their tax wrong and that they owe money. The nurses are then advised that they have to pay £1500 to prevent them being arrested and prosecuted.

Worryingly, the fraudsters appear to know that the nurses are part of an overseas group and are aware of some personal details.

One nurse who was targeted has advised that the fraudsters repeatedly called them with increasing demands and threats. As they felt pressured and didn’t want to face arrest, they paid the requested sum.

The fraudsters in this case advised that they were from the Criminal Court in Birmingham but note any location could be used by them. The number used by the fraudsters is 0121 681 330 which is similar to the actual number.

How to protect your organisation from fraud
  • Never give out personal or financial details during a call, unless you are absolutely sure that the caller is genuine.
  • Never be rushed or pressured into providing personal or financial details. Always double check using contact details that you know are genuine.
  • Government departments such as HMRC would never call you and ask for payment. If you have a tax query, contact the HMRC using known contact details such as on a letter that you have received from them, or visit uk/contact-hmrc
Action required

This briefing provides information and advice to staff about fraud and economic crime, and the risks associated with it. If you have fallen victim to fraud you should report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visit:
If you have given your bank details and think you may have lost money, contact your bank immediately.

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