TIAA Anti-Crime Specialists have seen an increase in referrals regarding staff who are working remotely having a second full time job.

As the pandemic has greatly increased opportunities for home working, staff are juggling more than one full time job, and of course keeping each a secret from the other employer, while earning a double salary.

The Guardian has published an interesting article on the subject with workers describing how easy it can be to lead a double life, with one worker explaining that they attended meetings while a family member who was unemployed actually did the bulk of their work using their corporate login.

Read the full article here;

Red Flags

  • Does the worker fail to attend on-line meetings, or appear distracted when they do attend?
  • Have they missed training or induction sessions with no reasonable explanation?
  • Is their productivity below expectations?
  • Are emails being sent outside of normal working hours?
  • Does their Outlook calendar reflect the job they do?
  • Is the worker difficult to get hold of?

How to protect your organisation from fraud

  • Do contracts specify that doing any other kind of work requires permission?
  • Is it the organisation’s policy that any other kind of work needs to be formally declared?
  • Does the organisation’s sickness policy specify that working while off sick needs prior permission?
  • Managers should ensure that their staff have sufficient work for their job role, and monitor progress. If a home worker has an undemanding job which is not monitored, there is greater temptation for the worker to take on a second job.

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