Inside Housing has produced a concise guide outlining the details of the Renters’ Reform White Paper. The white paper sets out proposals to completely overhaul private rented sector and redress the balance between landlords and tenants.

Key Points

After more than three years, the government has published its blueprint for reforming country’s private rental market – it was April 2019 when the former Prime Minister announced plans to end section 21 and ban landlords from rejecting renters who were receiving benefits.

Proposals in the paper outline what will form new private renters’ bill and includes reference to sections on:

  • Safe and Decent Homes,
  • Increased Security and Stability,
  • Better Resolution and Robust Enforcement,
  • Improved Dispute Resolution,
  • A Positive Renting Experience.

The government is expected to implement new market-led solutions that aim to reduce the overlap between tenancies, keep the impact and risks of these market-led solutions under review until the best solutions are found, and keep the current deposit protection scheme and broader deposit market under review and take further legislative action if needed.

More details are available via the web links below.

Link: Renters’ Reform White Paper: the key takeaways

(Briefing note compiled from source material)

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