The Building Safety Bill introduces new requirements for the management of building safety risks that could lead to a major incident in in-scope high-rise residential buildings.

Key Points

  • Risks such as the spread of fire or structural failure must be managed to prevent them happening and limit the impact of any occurrence. The bill will introduce measures requiring Accountable Persons to adopt and deliver a systemic approach to risk management.
  • Accountable Persons will be the individuals or entities responsible for meeting the statutory obligations related to the management of building safety risks in occupied high-rise residential buildings.
  • As part of the safety case requirements for managing building safety risks, Accountable Persons must make and implement arrangements which deliver the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of all the measures in place to prevent an incident involving building safety risks materialising and to limit the impact should one occur.
  • Clear guidance will be produced and made available to comply with new duties and requirements.
  • The introduction (where they are not already in place) and improvement of safety management systems is estimated to result in a total cost to industry of £8.7 million per annum on an EAC basis and £104.1 million in present value terms over a 15-year appraisal period.

Safety Management Systems Factsheet