Gloucestershire Police reported that an adult was taken to hospital with a suspected stab wound following an incident at a Tewkesbury school.

Police were called around 09:10 hrs on Monday 10 July, with a report about a threat to a teacher at Tewkesbury Academy. Minutes later they received a call from the ambulance service stating a male teacher had been stabbed in a corridor at the school. It was initially thought that the suspect had fled the scene and hidden himself within the school grounds.

Officers, including specialist armed police, attended and carried out a thorough search. This search was both complex and meticulous in nature as Police sought to ensure there were no further injured parties as well as seeking the arrest of the suspect.

The school was locked down and two neighbouring schools were asked to close their doors as a precaution.

Parents or carers of pupils at the school were advised not to attend the school, but to go to a nearby garden centre where police were able to offer assistance and support. A crowd of around 100 people had gathered at the school.

At 11:00 hrs a teenage boy armed with a knife was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in police custody.

Further enquiries are being carried out to establish the motivation behind the attack.


What do you need to do?
  • Review your organisation’s lockdown / evacuation procedures
  • Ensure staff are trained in lockdown and drills conducted
Importance: High

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