On Tuesday 13th June 2023, at around 04:00hrs on Ilkeston Road, Nottinghamshire, two students were attacked and subsequently died from stab wounds.

A short time later, a person matching the suspect’s description was seen trying to get into a nearby assisted living accommodation in Mapperley Road.  After failing to gain entry the suspect then attended nearby Magdala Road, where he encountered a man, his third victim, who he stabbed to death and whose van he stole.  The suspect then used the van as a weapon to target other members of the public causing serious injuries to three others before being stopped by the police at around 05:30hrs in Maples Street.  The whole incident occurred within a one square mile radius.

The suspect has now been named as 31 year old Valdo Amissão Mendes Calocane who graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2022 after studying mechanical engineering.

The suspect remains in police custody as police are supported by counter terrorism teas due to the nature of the crime.  Although, there has been no formal clarification whether this attack is a terrorist incident at this time.

Whilst it is unclear as to the motive behind this horrific incident it should serve as a reminder that:

  • We need to remain vigilant at all times – suspicious vehicles, people, packages.
  • Being vigilant for people who may be carrying out reconnaissance for future attacks.
  • Carry out risk assessments for vulnerable areas.
  • Reporting suspicious incidents to the authorities.

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Martyns Law – Protection of Premises Bill – https://www.ifsecglobal.com/physical-security/martyns-law-terrorism-protection-of-premises-legislation/

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