The brief

A Student Wellbeing Review was undertaken following concerns by a University that the arrangements for supporting student wellbeing may not be adequately maintained during COVID when business as usual processes were adversely impacted.

The process

The review assessed how the University had adapted its processes during the pandemic and how it responded to government guidance, as well as the Office for Students (OfS) and Universities UK (UUK) guidance issued during the pandemic relating to student wellbeing.

A cross section of staff and students were selected for interview including the Students Union Representative.

In addition to other recommendations the review also identified that there was an opportunity for the University to review and strengthen the existing protocols / arrangements for how the wellbeing team works with external services. As a result a decision was made regarding how the Wellbeing Department was going to work and collaborate with the NHS. Clear working practices through a Service Level Agreement are being developed as recommended by the audit to cover how the organisations will work together and to also cover the discharge processes and support structures for Mental Health.

The review and its findings received positive feedback from the University’s Wellbeing Lead including the Student Union President who welcomed the review and the fact that they had also been interviewed as part of the process.