In October 2021, the government launched a review of leadership in health and social care, which was led by former Vice Chief of the Defence Staff.

Key Points
  • On June 8th 2022, the review of leadership in health and social care reported its findings and recommendations.
  • The review addressed many of the asks that members fed back to the review team, including practical recommendations for more structure and consistency in leadership development; promotion of collaborative behaviours; and a greater commitment, backed by tangible action, to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in leadership roles.
  • The report found that there is no one right way to lead organisations, but members believe in certain core skills and behaviours that should apply. System leadership, distributed leadership, the role of the centre, diversity in leadership, consistency of leadership development, the inverse leadership law, diversifying pathways to NHS leadership and allowing time to lead. These are areas that need to be addressed.
  • NHS leaders will need to be actively involved in the implementation of the report’s recommendations.
  • The report points out the gaps in support for leaders. The need for a more consistent and substantive career development pathway from recruitment to mid-career and beyond.
  • The report found that the NHS continues to be undermanaged in comparison to other sectors and more must be done to support managers and leaders.
More details are available via the web links below.

Link: The Messenger Review of health and social care leadership: what must it address? 

The Messenger Review of NHS leadership: what you need to know

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