We recently hosted a series of webinars, during which we spoke about TIAA’s campaign relating to Organisational Culture and Whistleblowing, to raise its profile and get it high on the agenda for Boards and Committees to invest in, a link to the recording can be found here.

During our session, we spoke about TIAA’s wider campaign, including our Organisational Culture and Whistleblowing survey which we also have provided the link for below.

Organisational Culture And Whistleblowing Survey

We would be grateful if you could please spare five minutes to complete this survey, the results from which will be used to inform the next stages of our campaign and allow us to publish a benchmarking paper. This will include best practice and details of what an effective framework looks like.

We have intentionally kept this brief as we are aware that you time is precious and we will, of course, ensure any responses remain confidential.

We would welcome discussions on the methods adopted, results achieved and lessons learned from those who have undertaken organisation wide ‘temperature check’ on its culture and we would be keen to develop a group and disseminate best practice from this. If you are able to share details, want to participate in this or learn more, please Contact us.

Keep an eye out for further events that we run on this topic as part of our campaign and please feel free to get in touch should you have any suggested areas that you would like covered as part of our events.