TIAA’s Security Management week runs from Monday 24th – Friday 28th January 2022, during the week we will be raising awareness of the key security management risks and promoting and sharing good practices.

Security is fundamental for every organisation. You do not only need a safe environment for your staff, service users and visitors, but you will also need to protect your assets. Keeping your (critical) assets, including your staff, safe and secure will minimise lost time, direct and indirect costs; and potential reputational damage.

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 Martyn’s Law Webinar

Join us on the 26th January 9am-10:15am for our ‘Martyn’s Law’ Webinar. In the wake of the 2017 Manchester Arena attack, the Government has prepared legislation, “Martyn’s Law” which is likely to be enacted in 2022. The legislation is likely to have resourcing and accountability implications for owners of spaces where large numbers of people congregate.

This webinar will draw upon real life experiences which most of us have thankfully not had to encounter. These insights will provide the context for your organisation’s moral, current and future legal obligations to provide safer spaces for the public.

Find out more here Martyn’s Law Webinar

 Advice and Support

TIAA’s Security Focus Newsletter

Security Management Advice – Suspect Packages and Letters

Our Security Management Specialists are available to provide advice and assurance on security management issues.  You can contact us via our Contact Us page and to find out more about our Security Management services, please visit out dedicated website page Security Management.