There has been a concerning rise in the number of violent incidents occurring at GP practices over the last two years, bringing the NHS crisis sharply into focus.

A range of violent incidents involving carrying weapons in public, arson, causing actual bodily harm have taken place across the country. A man was arrested following an incident at a surgery in Stoke on Trent involving a bow and arrow. Armed Police responded and no-one was injured. A man assaulted a GP, smashing a glass screen at a surgery in Kent. Staff at a surgery in Manchester were knocked unconscious by an assailant wielding a metal pole.

A medical practitioner was hospitalised at Barnard Health Centre in London after being stabbed by a patient, who has been arrested for attempted murder.

In a vote at the Local Medical Council (LMC) conference, delegates called for the criteria for inclusion in violent patient schemes be relaxed, and called on the government to ensure funding for violent patient schemes is uplifted to provide appropriate resources. The LMC also called for more severe sanctions for violent patients.

Since October 2021, NHS England has committed to a zero-tolerance approach towards abuse of NHS staff, to minimal effect. The new government has not yet set out its plans to tackle this rising challenge to the safety of other patients and staff at GP practices, and within the wider NHS.

Source: GP abuse Archives – Pulse Today

What do you need to do?

  • Ensure staff receive post incident support and have regular training on conflict resolution
  • Consider a security risk assessment of your GP practice
  • Report any security incidents and contact your Anti-Crime Specialist for support

Importance: For information

To discuss this issue or request any further assistance and support please contact: Jonathan Gladwin, Director of Anti-Crime Services; or your nominated Anti-Crime Specialist.