Corporate social responsibility

Committed to providing real opportunities

As a responsible employee-focussed organisation we are committed to providing real opportunities for the communities which our clients serve.

We operate a number of different schemes to assist people to make the all important first step onto their personal career ladder.

Work experience

We provide opportunities for work experience for persons in full time education.

This can be for periods of several weeks duration during the summer vacation, or single week intense insight sessions. These sessions are about providing an ‘open day’ experience.

Back to work

We are a supporter of the “Get Britain Working” campaign, and provide work experience and employment to individuals through this incentive.

Part of the process is to enable the development of social skills to be able to fit into an office environment.

Into work

We are committed to assisting graduates obtain the first crucial rung on the career ladder.

We take students with a wide range of degrees, often unrelated to business services/accountancy. Each ‘into work’ student is provided with a mentor. The mentor assists the student with progressing within TIAA or seeking employment elsewhere. We consider this latter element to be the real success of this project as students do not feel that they must be beholden to us.


We believe that internal audit work provides flexibility in terms of working hours/patterns etc.

Furthermore, maturity is a key component of the skills set for such staff. We therefore always welcome applications from persons who have taken a break from employment. We provide get back up to date training and we are always pleasantly surprised how well prepared returners actually are.