Environmental Policy

As an employee-led company TIAA is committed to being a model member of the wider community, and we take this involvement very seriously.

Thinking of our impact

TIAA keeps our environmental and social responsibilities at the forefront of our approach to business

At TIAA, we are committed to giving back. We are an employee led company involved with the wider community and all our staff are ethically centred to research new ways of heightening our levels of social responsibility.

Our environmental impact

The company recognises the effect of our processes and services on the environment. These are principally:

  • paper usage;
  • electricity consumption; and
  • car emissions.

We are committed to sustainable development and aim, where possible, to contribute positively to the environment. The Company is also dedicated to ensuring full compliance with environmental legislation, preventing pollution and the principal of continual environmental improvement.

Minimising waste

Employees are required to assist in meeting our commitments through movement towards waste minimisation by:

  • Travelling by public transport wherever possible
  • Our offices are located at transport hubs
  • Home working is part of our flexible working policy
  • We make extensive use of electronic working papers resulting in less need for paper
  • Over 99% of our corporate communications are via email and the internet
  • We recycle all waste paper and use Fairtrade products where available and recycled materials where appropriate
  • Our canteens provide recycling facilities for staff
  • Low energy lighting and energy conservation
  • Virtual meetings where possible, reducing the need to travel

Reducing consumption

Employees are required to assist in meeting our commitments through monitoring and reduction of electricity consumption by:

  • Ensuring PC’s, photocopiers, printers and monitors are closed down fully each evening
  • Lights are switched off when not in use.

Reduction in the environmental impact of emissions by providing more fuel efficient vehicles.

This Environmental Policy has the full backing of the Board of TIAA and is displayed on our green notice board and the company website. The Policy will be reviewed annually as part of the annual environmental review of TIAA Ltd.

We have held “Green Dragon” accreditation since 2013, and are fully committed to retaining this as part of our sustainable business model.

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