Environmental Policy


TIAA is a private limited company, which provides business assurance services, including internal audit, to private and public sector organisations throughout the UK. The company has been operating since 1995.  TIAA’s Head Office is based in Fareham, Hampshire.

The company recognises the effect of our processes and services on the environment. These are principally:

We are committed to sustainable development and aim, where possible, to contribute positively to the environment.


The Company is also dedicated to ensuring full compliance with environmental legislation, preventing pollution and the principal of continual environmental improvement. Employees are required to assist in meeting our commitments through:

Movement towards waste minimisation by:

Paper reduction by:

Monitoring and reduction of electricity consumption by:

Reduction in the environmental impact of emissions by providing more fuel efficient vehicles.

This Environmental Policy has the full backing of the Board of TIAA and is displayed on our green notice board and the company website.

The Policy will be reviewed annually as part of the annual environmental review of TIAA Ltd.