Finance is the gatekeeper of an organisations finances, but also confidential information whereby a fraudster needs to manipulate or dupe this key departments in order to succeed in their attempts to defraud. There are several angles by with finance is a key target, from within, the trusted employee, externally by way or an organised crime group, or an opportunist, or by way of collusion, where an insider assists an external party to facilitate a fraud against you. The pandemic has added a new dynamic to the risk profile, with remote working, through to a real uplift in volume and types of attacks that organisations are now facing.  Our speakers will walk-through different risks and controls in the finance function.

This really is a webinar not to be missed.  The post-Covid 19 has impacted upon many processes and supply chains, so now is the time to review your risks.  The financial pressures brought upon many organisations also means your suppliers and contractors may be tempted to inflate their invoices or reduce their services in order to remain financially viable at your expense.

So, don’t wait for a fraud to be discovered – anticipate the risks and stay ahead of the fraudsters, protecting your finances and reputation.

Outline agenda of what the session is about / contains

The webinar will cover:

  • The risks to the finance function of fraud
  • The threats from inside and outside of the function
  • How Covid-19 has impacted the fraud landscape
  • The key fraud indicators ‘red flags’
  • Top tips on prevention and detection!

Thursday 18th November 2021

Session 1 – 9am – 10.15am (GMT)

Session 2 – 1pm – 2.15pm (GMT)

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