Another event as part of TIAA’s campaign in raising awareness of whistleblowing, its importance and how organisations can improve their governance around this important topic.

Following from our last webinar on this topic in June, high profile incidents continue to hit the press on an almost daily basis. Of late, we have heard of more serious and tragic cases across healthcare, policing, corporate scandals, inappropriate behaviours and toxic cultures that organisations are wrestling with and struggling to tackle.

This webinar follows our last session, whereby our experts are going to provide an update on the landscape, provide details of our recent survey that TIAA conducted across clients and also details of our best practice guide that has been drafted following our roundtable, with input and support from several organisations and leaders in industry.

Please join us at this session to keep the momentum and awareness campaign.

Outline agenda of what the session will entail;

  • The landscape and our views
  • Release of the results of our survey on whistleblowing and organisational cultures
  • An update on the development of our best practice guide and what measures our panel are formulating to address key issues that organisations are wrestling with
  • An update on TIAA’s campaign and next steps

This webinar is suitable for C-suite members, Risk and Governance Leads, Workforce Directors and Whistleblowing Champions.

We will be holding the webinar on the following date:

  • Wednesday 18th October – 9.30am – 10.45am

To reserve your place please register using the links below and a Zoom link will be issued to you.


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