Whistleblowing / Speak Up / Raising Concerns are some of the terms used across different sectors. This high profile topic is something that has been getting a lot of press in recent times, often negative. From the high profile instances of the ‘#MeToo’ campaign and the Facebook whistleblower case to name a few, has resulted in organisations having to react to incidents as they have been played out, in the public domain, such as the mainstream press.

Gaining greater control of your governance and frameworks will provide you with an increased opportunity to be in a stronger position in dealing with incidents of this nature. Having a healthy corporate culture is underpinned by strong whistleblowing arrangements, which is seen as a positive step to enable your employees and contractors to engage with you to raise concerns confidently, in confidence with the assurance that they will be taken seriously and actions are taken as a result in a professional and consistent manner.

Organisations often struggle with their understanding of what needs doing, articulating what does good arrangements look like? Is it based upon lots of referrals being received, which may also be viewed as the organisation having a problem, or is it an organisation who does not receive many or any referrals, whom may believe that they do not have a problem.

This is a high risk strategy, whereas Boards can greater discharge their responsibilities and gain greater assurance by having strong frameworks in place, that are tested, work effectively and are reported upwards for transparency and oversight.

The session will cover the key risks of ineffective arrangements, what can go wrong, plus what effective arrangements actually looks like and how assurance can be sought over your arrangements. David Foley, Regional Managing Director will share his experience of working with Boards and Senior Management across many sectors, across the public and wider not for profit sector, through to corporate organisations, inclusive of several FTSE 100 and 250 companies.

Outline agenda of what the session entails:

  • The state of the whistleblowing landscape
  • The risks of getting it wrong
  • What should be in a framework
  • How do you seek assurance that your framework is operating effectively
  • Key measures to consider when responding to an incident
  • Do’s and don’ts – Top Tips


Tuesday 22nd February 2022 – 9am – 10.15am (GMT)

To reserve your place please complete the form below or email enquiries@tiaa.co.uk and a MS Teams link will be sent in due course.