TIAA was originally formed by a consortium of housing associations to meet the specialist internal audit needs of the social housing sector. Over twenty years later, we are now one of the largest business assurance providers to this sector.

Specialists in the Housing Sector

We have encountered and worked with the issues and risks faced by housing associations and registered social landlords as the sector has grown. As the sector has developed so has TIAA expanded and developed. We have seen new governance, legislation, regulatory bodies and wider partnerships be drafted and implemented and we now work with over 100 housing associations across the UK.


How we can help

  • Homes England and Greater London Authority development grant compliance reviews. We can help you ensure that you comply with the grant conditions and reporting requirements for your development projects. We can also advise you on how to maximise your grant income and minimise your risks. 
  • Rough Sleeping Initiative grant compliance. We can help you demonstrate that you are using your grant funding effectively and efficiently to reduce rough sleeping in your area. We can also help you identify and implement best practices and improvements. 
  • Preparation for In Depth Assessments from the Regulator of Social Housing. We can help you prepare for your IDA by conducting a comprehensive review of your governance, financial viability, and value for money. We can also help you implement any recommendations and action plans. 
  • Governance and Board Effectiveness Support. We can help you strengthen your governance arrangements and board performance by providing independent assurance, training, and facilitation. We can also help you with board recruitment, induction, and succession planning. 
  • BRIXX Financial Modelling and Balance Sheet Stress Testing. We can help you develop and maintain robust and flexible financial models using BRIXX, the leading software for social housing. We can also help you conduct stress testing and scenario analysis to assess your financial resilience and risk appetite. 
  • Assurance mapping and assurance framework implementation. We can help you design and implement an effective assurance framework that covers all your key risks and controls. We can also help you map your existing assurance activities and identify any gaps or overlaps. 
  • Green Development Bond, we help you demonstrate compliance with the green development bond criteria, which offers an opportunity to raise finance for your environmental and social projects. We help you meet the criteria and standards of the green bond principles, which include project selection, evaluation, management, and reporting. We also help you demonstrate the environmental and social impact and benefits of your projects. 

Our offerings

We provide a range of services tailored for the private and commercial sector

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Who we've worked with

We can work with you to find inventive and pragmatic ways to implement and improve processes across your organisation in response to the issues you are facing. We offer benchmarking across our extensive client base of registered social landlords across the UK and we work with a number of sector groups and agencies including, the Housing Internal Audit Forum (HIAF), the Homes and Communities Agency, Community Housing Cymru and the Greater London Authority.

Our objective is simple: we want to assist each client to become and/or remain an exemplar housing provider. To achieve this, we offer complete business assurance services that are bespoke for your organisation tailored to meet your needs and help you to succeed. The services listed below are provided from our network of offices across the UK, either as part of our fully outsourced programme or individually on an ad-hoc assignment basis to support in-house teams.

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