With the UK Government relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions, we are now transitioning into the ‘new normal’. Moving into this unchartered territory can be difficult for organisations to manage, ensuring you have ongoing robust, flexible plans in place can help mitigate potential critical risks. We are here to assist with pragmatic advice, guidance and assurance for organisations seeking direction, in order to navigate the new ways of working.  Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact us.

Industry Sectors

TIAA is proud to provide business assurance services to clients from a wide spectrum of sectors.

Comprehensive knowledge

Our business assurance specialists are fully aware of the current issues and demands facing your specific sector.

From healthcare and education to housing and charities, as well as private and commercial organisations, we have experienced staff who come to you prepared to hit the ground running.

We understand that every organisation has its own unique challenges. As such, our business assurance services are tailored to your organisation, and the team deployed to you will have a wealth of experience in your industry to draw upon.

Whether you require internal audit, counter fraud or one of our other business assurance services, you can be confident of getting a team at the forefront of their field, with a comprehensive and contemporary knowledge base.  Our specialists are based in hubs across the country, where they can meet to exchange knowledge and experience.  This means our teams are local to you, and able to meet all your internal audit, counter fraud and business assurance requirements.

Please choose your sector below to see more about the range of services we offer. For additional information, please contact us.