Melanie Alflatt

Director - Operations

Melanie Alflatt (ACFS)

Melanie joined TIAA in 2003 and has been promoted through the company to her current role. Melanie leads the Team of specialist accredited counter fraud specialists and investigators conducting fraud prevention and dedication reviews.

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Melanie joined TIAA in 2003 and has been promoted through the company to her current role, Director of Anti-Crime Services – Economic Crime and Investigation. Melanie is responsible for the Anti-Crime service comprising of over 25 staff covering three specialist areas.

These are:

The Economic Crime and Investigations – a team of specialist accredited counter fraud staff who undertake fraud prevention reviews as well as criminal and internal investigations.

The Security and Risk Team – containing Security and Risk Management Specialists as well as GDPR Compliance Specialists.

The Governance Team – undertake specialist reviews specifically looking at internal procedures and processes in respect of fraud.

Melanie is a dedicated, highly motivated individual who has extensive experience from working in the fraud arena for nearly three decades.

Melanie has led and developed TIAA’s approach to fraud prevention reviews ensuring that we provide a leading edge service that complies with current legal and regulatory requirements, and supports organisations nationally in developing preventative controls to safeguard their assets.

Leading and supporting a team of highly skilled specialists, Melanie ensure that teams consistently deliver the plan of proactive review to her portfolio of clients and has successfully led many fraud investigations to prosecution.

Career Highlights

  • Developed a formal risk assessment and gap analysis fraud prevention tool to assist in identifying gaps in controls and providing advice and guidance to address areas of vulnerability along with a programme of planned work.
  • Led on of the first successful criminal investigations for a CCG client and recovered over £93,600 back to the client.
  • Undertaken successful criminal prosecutions for a variety of NHS clients including Community Interest Companies.
  • Received a commendation from the Crown Prosecution Service following her work on a successful prosecution.
  • Part of an NHS Counter Fraud Authority led focus group that developed the NHS Functional Standard Requirements that were implemented in 2021.
  • Appeared in a BBC1 documentary that featured successful NHS fraud investigations.
  • Leads the development of TIAA’s counter fraud work programme across all the sectors that TIAA operates in.
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