Peter Sheppard

Director – Digital Assurance

Peter Sheppard (BSc (Hons), MBCS, CITP, CISA)

Peter is an enthusiastic and accomplished Director, and has been part of the TIAA family since 2002. He is confident, hard-working and has delivered exceptional services for our clients in both Assurance and Advisory.

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Peter is an enthusiastic and accomplished Director, and has been an ICT and Digital specialist since 2002. He is confident, hard-working and has delivered exceptional services for our clients in both Assurance and Advisory. He has substantial technical skills, providing strategic insight with thought leadership, and leads on innovation of cutting-edge Digital Assurance services.

His portfolio has grown to include ICT Audit, Cyber Assurance, Digital Forensics, Data Analytics and Information Governance. Most recent developments include providing robust assurance as to the impact and risks associated in deploying Artificial Intelligence.

Peter is a proficient and well recognised CISA qualified auditor. He provides a knowledgeable and practical consultative role within Digital. His experience is recognised nationally as being a professional member of the British Computer Society and is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP), and has presented in several industry events, including at the Institute of Internal Auditors, and Council for Higher Education Internal Auditors.

As a subject matter expert in Cyber Security Assurance, Peter assists all types and sizes of organisation in improving their preparedness for ever evolving Cyber threats. He contributes to various Cyber Security special interest groups nationally, including Industrial Control Systems.

Within TIAA, Peter is one of our five Senior Management Team members, providing corporate direction and leadership. The flexibility of the Digital Assurance service contributes to our goal of being an integrated solution provider, working across the organisation, with expertise and a specialist eye.

Career Highlights

  • Leading a highly-skilled and innovative Digital Assurance team, providing a robust and effective solution within all sectors. By developing talent and empowering the team, they offer knowledgeable support for cutting edge technology advisory and assurance needs, including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and Operational Technology (OT).
  • Providing client focused advisory consultancy to assist NHS organisations in their Digital Transformation requirements post Covid-19, in order to achieve maximum benefit and to achieve alignment with the NHS Long Term Plan.
  • Assisting world class research institutes across a range of risk areas, to adopt best practices for IT Service Management, ICT Security, Capability and Capability and Cyber Security. This included a wide ranging Building Management and Industrial Control System for a highly controlled sector with implications on a national infrastructure level.
  • Developing and delivering a class leading Cyber Maturity Assessment tool which is utilised across all sectors to help them identify and quantify their cyber maturity. This helps in identifying commensurate mitigations, investment needs, and where risks existed that were previously hidden. The tool has been updated to also scrutinise Governance for Cyber Security at board level.
  • Partnership working to provide advisory services to NHS clients to help correlate Cyber Resilience measures to the organisation’s tolerance to outage. This was pivotal in informing the IT strategy and tactical planning to shore up IT services and to seek better protection for critical services.
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