TIAA has released its seventh annual digest, which provides some food for thought in terms of the NHS landscape, its fraud levels, trends and our predictions on what we see happening in the near future.

The information contained within this is collated using our Intelligence and Coordination Team’s skills, analysts and interaction with the fraud for a across the UK. At TIAA, we firmly believe that by adopting an intelligence led approach of tackling fraud proactively, enables informative and considered decisions on resources, direction and risks to be addressed in a smart, yet effective manner.

We hope that this allows Executive and Audit Committee members to overlay the data we have produced, against their own activity to gain assurance, or allow for the assessment or reduction of resources to the areas most deemed at risk.

Whilst our future predictions are based upon our experience, they cannot be certain, but, being agile, forward looking and driving accountability for counter fraud work across your organisation, across all levels, will certainly enable you to be more successful in reducing your fraud risks to an absolute minimum.

We hope you find this useful and informative, to inform the debate at your organisation. We’d welcome any feedback of comments from you, along with the opportunity to discuss any aspects if your service further.

Together, we can better protect the great NHS resources to be used for their intended purpose, away from the prying hands of the dishonest minority.

NHS Fraud Digest Edition 7