During the past 12 months working practices have changed to varying degrees for our clients, and our internal auditors and counter fraud specialists, arising from the pandemic. These changes have had an impact on the way we operate and engage with each other, the working environment and the way services are delivered.

Recognising that the UK is gradually transitioning out of lockdown, we invited our clients to take part in a cross-sector UK-wide survey.
The purpose of this survey was ascertain how, going forward, organisations are planning to deliver some of their functions and how TIAA can best support these plans. We therefore surveyed our clients with a March year-end so as to ensure the results were based on a full financial year of operating during the COVID pandemic. We received responses from clients across multiple sectors including Housing, NHS, Local & Central Government, and Blue Light Services.

The highlights of the survey results can be downloaded in PDF format here

If you’d like any further information regarding the report please contact marketing@tiaa.co.uk