With the UK Government relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions, we are now transitioning into the ‘new normal’. Moving into this unchartered territory can be difficult for organisations to manage, ensuring you have ongoing robust, flexible plans in place can help mitigate potential critical risks. We are here to assist with pragmatic advice, guidance and assurance for organisations seeking direction, in order to navigate the new ways of working.  Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact us.


TIAA has over twenty years’ experience in the health industry, and we service many of the country’s largest providers and commissioners.

Experts in healthcare

In this time of uncertainty and austerity, TIAA understands that any internal audit, assurance and counter fraud services must add value.

We have worked with the NHS for over twenty years, and our expertise has grown as a result of four former NHS audit and counter fraud consortia joining the company since 2012. We currently work with more than 130 NHS organisations across the UK.

Our specialist teams have worked with Clinical Commissioning Groups, and providers of Mental Health, Community, Acute and Primary Care services. Clients include private health providers, Foundation Trusts, and NHS Trusts as well as small GP practices.

We offer insight and innovation to ensure your organisation reaches its full potential. Our approach is one that puts you and your patients at the forefront, giving the benefit of a public service ethos, combined with sharp business sense.

Our comprehensive range of services to health organisations includes:

We have the resources to provide a fully outsourced service, and both short and long term support to in-house teams. We have a range of specialists with expertise in clinical risk, health and safety compliance as well as all aspects of NHS governance.

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you succeed. For more information, please contact us.