With the UK Government relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions, we are now transitioning into the ‘new normal’. Moving into this unchartered territory can be difficult for organisations to manage, ensuring you have ongoing robust, flexible plans in place can help mitigate potential critical risks. We are here to assist with pragmatic advice, guidance and assurance for organisations seeking direction, in order to navigate the new ways of working.  Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact us.


TIAA was originally formed by a consortium of housing associations to meet the specialist internal audit needs of the social housing sector.  We are now one of the largest business assurance providers to this sector.

Business assurance specialists

TIAA is distinct from other providers of internal audit because we are a specialist business assurance organisation rather than a general accountancy firm. We stand out from the crowd.

Based on twenty years’ experience in the sector we understand the issues faced by housing associations and registered social landlords. We have a depth of understanding about the sector’s governance, legislation, regulatory bodies and wider partnerships which housing providers work with.

We offer benchmarking across our extensive client base of registered social landlords across the UK, and we have worked with the Housing Internal Audit Forum (HIAF), the Homes and Communities Agency and the Greater London Authority.

Our objective is simple: we want to assist each social housing client to become an exemplar housing provider. To achieve this, we offer complete business assurance services that are bespoke for your organisation, they are tailored to meet your needs and help you to succeed.

The services listed below are provided from our network of offices across the UK, either as part of our fully outsourced programme or individually on an ad-hoc assignment basis to support in-house teams.

The range of business assurance services we offer to your housing organisation include:

Other Business Services

TIAA is delighted to offer additional business services to our social housing clients. These are provided by a specialist team of experienced professionals, all of them experts in the social housing sector, both with registered social landlords and registered providers.  Briefly, these management and consultancy services come under the fields of:

For more information on the exact nature of these services, please visit our business services section.

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Management

TIAA provides SPV/Joint Venture management services:

TIAA manages a portfolio of special purpose borrowing vehicles with debenture stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange. These vehicles provide long term funding, currently valued at over £500 million for Regulated Housing Associations, including many of the largest social housing providers in the sector.

The dedicated management team has over 20 years’ experience of providing a professional management service to the vehicles and Boards.

To find out more about how TIAA can assist your housing organisation, please contact us.