With the UK Government relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions, we are now transitioning into the ‘new normal’. Moving into this unchartered territory can be difficult for organisations to manage, ensuring you have ongoing robust, flexible plans in place can help mitigate potential critical risks. We are here to assist with pragmatic advice, guidance and assurance for organisations seeking direction, in order to navigate the new ways of working.  Please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact us.

Counter Fraud

TIAA can help organisations across all sectors to combat fraud.

Fraud prevention, fraud detection

No organisation wants the loss of income, internal disruption or damage to reputation that fraud brings with it. Since 2000, our highly-regarded counter fraud team have helped our clients successfully combat fraud, preventing it where possible and rigorously investigating it where it does occur.

The risk of fraud in today’s society is greater than it ever has been. Cases of fraud and financial misconduct damage organisations and often attract press publicity, highlighting the need for proactive counter fraud services.

Fraud is a crime that has many repercussions. Organisations face loss of income, internal disruption or damage to reputation by falling victim to fraudsters.

We have a proven track record of assisting organisations to seek redress by recovering the monies lost through fraud. Our specialist counter fraud service has recovered millions of pounds for our clients, as well as hundreds of sanctions against the perpetrators.

Prompt action is often critical, and our large team of investigators will respond quickly and efficiently to any suspected fraud situation. TIAA’s investigators are all fully accredited (including one of the country’s largest teams of NHS accredited Local Counter Fraud Specialists) and adhere to best practice guidance set out by agencies.

Our fraud investigation specialists have expert knowledge and extensive experience in all areas of counter fraud including:

We offer you a flexible approach depending on your requirements. We can work as part of your existing structure, or as an independent fraud investigation team. As you would expect, all our investigations are conducted in accordance with the appropriate regulatory and legal frameworks.

We will work in partnership with you to instigate an organisation wide culture of fraud prevention and fraud risk management. We can assess your organisation’s specific fraud risks, and will investigate any alleged instances thoroughly.

If you suspect fraud, bribery or corruption in your workplace, please report it in confidence to your Local Counter Fraud Specialist or call the National Fraud & Corruption Reporting Line 0800 028 40 60.