Governance & Risk Management

Robust governance and risk management underpins your success.

Reassuring, Proactive, Revitalising

Our governance and risk management team will ensure your processes are effective and fit for purpose.

We will audit your strengths and weaknesses and provide practical recommendations for improvement. We base our assessments on best practice, and our own wide range of experience. Due to our extensive client base across all sectors, we have unprecedented benchmarking information available to us that we can use for your benefit.

Strong governance and risk management systems are a vital component of routine service delivery, as well as being key to long-term success. Effective governance and risk management is also integral to service transformation, itself essential and unavoidable for the sustainability of most organisations operating during times of economic constraint.

Risk management is not about ticking a box to signify compliance, it is about instilling an organisation-wide culture. It is first and foremost a management tool that offers real and demonstrable benefit to your organisation. Risk management adds value to your organisation through developing and streamlining your processes.

TIAA’s specialist risk managers and governance experts have a wealth of experience to provide a comprehensive and value-added service to any organisation. A selection of what we can offer includes:

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