In these extremely challenging times, our services have both an obligation and an opportunity to help our clients manage the most critical risks the COVID-19 situation has either created or increased. Our clients need to focus on the dual imperative of crisis response and operational continuity; we are ensuring that we are here to assist with pragmatic advice, guidance and assurance. Throughout this business disrupted period we are here for you – please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Security & Information Governance

Data security is a critical competence for organisations in all sectors.

Managing your Information Governance risks

Every individual expects their personal information will be treated with confidentiality and care. Regulatory requirements are tightening, media scrutiny is increasing and public concern over the privacy of data is growing. In this context lapses in data security are often high profile, since the introduction of the 2018 Data Protection Act (GDPR), they can result in fines of up to circa £18 million and lead to serious damage to your reputation.

All modern organisations rely on an ICT architecture that is becoming increasingly complex over time.   Information is often managed across multiple sites and through many different delivery partners. Due to this level of intricacy, national guidance and best practice recommends that your information governance arrangements should benefit from independent scrutiny.

TIAA can provide assurance and advice on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. We act as a trusted third party expert, helping ensure you can access and use your data with total confidence.

Our experienced specialist team will enable you to:

We can offer the following services to ensure compliance:

We work in partnership with you, listening to your requirements, and providing you with a bespoke service. We will work with you to ensure your organisation moves from compliance to excellence, to address all your information assurance challenges.

Our ICT Audit experts and dedicated Digital Forensics service are also available to assist with the provision of wider assurance over your ICT services or recovery of data should the need arise.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss how TIAA can benefit your organisation.