In these extremely challenging times, our services have both an obligation and an opportunity to help our clients manage the most critical risks the COVID-19 situation has either created or increased. Our clients need to focus on the dual imperative of crisis response and operational continuity; we are ensuring that we are here to assist with pragmatic advice, guidance and assurance. Throughout this business disrupted period we are here for you – please keep in touch and do not hesitate to contact us.

Internal Audit

Risk-based internal audit is vital for strong governance. It provides assurance that business objectives and outcomes are met.

Delivering high quality internal audit services

TIAA has been providing high quality internal audit services for more than twenty years, and our internal audit team use their in-depth knowledge to bring you expert advice and assurance. We have a genuine enthusiasm for helping our clients strengthen and improve the outcomes for their organisations and communities.

Our approach to internal audit is to work in collaboration with your organisation. We build a strong relationship with each of our clients based on professional mutual respect, partnership and understanding ensuring you receive a truly personalised service.  We do not offer a “tick-box” service, we use a bespoke approach tailored to your needs and aspirations.  We recognise your individuality and use that as the foundation for our methodology.

You can be confident that the dedicated team of auditors who work with you will be experts in their specific field, whether that is healthcare, education, housing, emergency services, the third sector or private organisations. Working with over 400 clients, we are privileged to have access to a wealth of benchmarking information which we will use to your benefit. You can read more about which sectors we work with on the industry sectors page.

TIAA’s ethos is to add value to the audits we provide. Our team will always consider the bigger picture behind your organisation’s risks, controls and governance procedures. We deliver much more than just a basic opinion. We really get to the heart of your organisation, and we never forget that at the centre of all the figures and spreadsheets are real people – patients, students, tenants or customers – whose lives our internal audit work is designed to improve.

TIAA provides a full range of internal audit services, tailored to meet the requirements of each client organisation:

As one of the largest internal audit providers in the UK, we have a depth of specialist auditors across a wide range of disciplines and sectors, including ICT Audit, Counter Fraud and Security Management.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss how TIAA can benefit your organisation.