Investigatory Services

Our team of experienced investigators can provide a range of investigation services, to meet your bespoke needs and objectives.

There when you need us!

Our experienced national team can assist organisations in times of crisis, or when specific issues have occurred. We can also assist you with building your resilience to preventing the scourge of fraud and bribery infecting your organisation, or to independently investigate to establish the facts of a grievance, complaint or incident you are facing.

Our team comprises over 40 accredited investigators and fraud specialists, and possess a wealth of experience and deep rooted knowledge of the sectors in which we operate.

We have the credentials and experienced personnel who work across:

All public and not for profit sectors, inclusive of:

Corporates, inclusive of:

Please David Foley for more information on these services:
David Foley | Director Fraud Risk and Investigations
M: 07786 856 973