Advisory Services

As business assurance providers, we are ideally placed to pro-actively assist organisations to develop strong governance arrangements, and to help deal with challenges such as periods of financial constraint.

Improving your organisation’s processes and practices

TIAA is distinctive in that we are a specialist business assurance provider, rather than an accountancy firm. This gives us the ability to offer additional services unique to business assurance.

We know that organisations are under significant pressure to meet challenging financial targets. Our innovative business services add real worth in terms of improving your organisation’s processes and practices.  Such efficiency adds value and quality to the business you provide and supports you to succeed.

Specialist investigations service

Our bespoke investigations practice forms part of our Anti-Crime and Investigations Team.  Our team of dedicated specialists are able to provide focussed services in areas including:

  • Management conduct reviews
  • Disciplinary investigations
  • Fact finding reviews
  • Regulatory breaches (such as data loss / DPA issues)
  • Whistleblowing matters
  • Criminal investigations
  • Cyber risk investigations (including digital forensics)

Government functional standards review service

We provide support to organisations with assessment and developing compliance with the Government Functional Standards, which all government agencies, departments and ALBs are expected to comply with.

Our broad range services can support your organisation with the three key areas of strategy and governance, functional management practices and the management of functional standards.

Data protection advisory service

Our Data Security team can provide a fully outsourced, resilient Data Protection service or assistance for your Data Protection Officer. Our team of experienced Data Protection Advisors can provide you with a pragmatic and proportionate service, which is designed to maximise the integrity and robustness of your organisation’s arrangements, safeguarding personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance.

Key elements of our service include providing:

  • Assistance with responding to Subject Access Requests in a timely and independent manner
  • Assistance with responding to possible data breaches in a timely and independent manner
  • Ongoing Data Protection awareness training for your staff and Trustees
  • Resilience when your key staff are on leave
  • Data audits to establish any vulnerabilities and to advise on proactive corrective action
  • Periodic Data Protection Action Alerts
  • Ability for your organisation to demonstrate to funders, regulators and similar that you have in place an independent and robust Data Protection infrastructure
  • Proactive reviews on DPA systems and processes (inclusive of FOI procedures)

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