Digital Forensics

TIAA is at the cutting edge in terms of technology, and our Digital Forensics Team are highly skilled. They all share a background in cybercrime, computer crime and forensic investigation.  We fully understand the sensitivities involved in such investigations, and your need for the utmost discretion and a swift resolution.

Utilising the latest in technology to deliver a fast, precise response to any incidents involving digital evidence

In this technological age, new devices are constantly being brought to the market and criminals are always looking for new ways to abuse your computer systems.  In this environment digital forensics is a vital service for all organisations.

TIAA’s Digital Forensics Service has carried out a wide variety of digital investigations, covert and non-covert operations, and advisory work for both public sector and private clients alike.

In the sixteen years since our specialist digital forensics unit was formed, we have undertaken over 1200 investigations for a range of large organisations and national agencies.

We follow the ACPO Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence and our digital forensics service is ISO9001 and ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Digital forensics in detail

We have a dedicated forensics centre, which is equipped with the very latest technology, and secure exhibit storage. This allows us to provide a fast and reliable expert response to your investigative needs.

Computer Forensics

  • This service provides expert support to ensure that digital data is securely captured and is admissible in subsequent disciplinary or criminal hearings.
  • Data analysis will identify any relevant information and reconstruct the timeline of events to provide evidence in support of the investigation.


  • Independent cyber readiness reviews which employ threat and impact modelling to test an organisation’s preparedness for cyber attacks and their ability to investigate the incidents in order to strengthen the resilience of organisation’s essential services.
  • We will review your device disposal process and analyse decommissioned IT equipment to validate data eradication to an appropriate level.
  • Our open source intelligence service is designed to support investigation staff in effectively addressing social media content, website collection, webmail, and YouTube video capture.

We are able to provide a wide range of services

Our range of specialist digital forensics services includes:

  • Forensic investigations
  • Data recovery
  • Hacking investigations and assurance
  • Protection from network intrusions
  • Forensic readiness
  • Data cleansing procedure assurance
  • Expert witnesses

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