Whistleblowing and Organisational Culture Temperature Check

Whistleblowing protects the integrity of organisations by encouraging employees to speak up about any misconduct, unethical behaviour, or potential risks they witness. It keeps workplaces transparent, accountable, and safe for everyone. TIAA’s comprehensive Whistleblowing Health Check can provide your organisation with assurance that its organisational culture is working effectively.

Whistleblowing is now more high profile than ever. With the increasing volumes of high profile incidents coming to the fore, organisations and individuals face public PR disasters, resulting in significant reputational harm.

All recent incidents have themes, whereby behaviours and incidents went unchallenged for an extended period of time (sometimes event decades) before action was taken. A clear link includes failures in organisations culture, often referred to as being ‘toxic’ and failures in the ability to report concerns, not being believed when reports were made, things being covered up or actions now following.

It is recognised, that should staff / individual have the confidence to report, ability via simplistic processes and decisive actions are taken upon receipt of concerns, then these incidents could have been minimised or curtailed much sooner, reducing the harm caused and reputational damaged caused.

The days of burying your head in the sand are gone, as with social media and social movement, campaigns can begin and gain swift traction across the globe quickly, resulting in significant reputational harm to businesses.

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What can TIAA do to help?

TIAA can deliver a comprehensive Whistleblowing Health Check to provide with assurance for your Board and Audit Committee on the following:

  • Your governance framework, policies and reporting processes surrounding raising concerns
  • Your reporting mechanisms and their effectiveness
  • The level of knowledge and training of actions to take, how to respond and how to support your staff across management when a report is made
  • An assurance over previous incidents investigated, their compliance with your policies and best practice
  • An assurance over the culture across your organisation and the ‘temperature’ across the workforce and appetite to report concerns
  • An assessment of the level of assurance that the Board currently receives and how improvements can be made
  • How well the organisation uses its data sets and information to identify problems before they are reported
  • Assurance over the organisation incident response plan is effective if deployed in response to a crisis

View our Whistleblowing and Organisational Culture Temperature Check Webinar to discover more. 

Why is a Whistleblowing and Organisational Culture Temperature Check so Important?

It’s what influences why people behave in a certain way in an organisation.

  • When you have an optimum culture, staff are motivated, teams are typically high performing and people want to join you.
  • When culture deteriorates, performance drops, bad habits creep in and recruitment is hard.
  • At it’s worse, it can have a detrimental impact on health & wellbeing.
  • An optimum culture increases confidence for investors / shareholders
  • It protects the Board from regulatory involvement / action / litigation.
  • More harmonious workforce, can result in increased productivity, and profits.

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