Ashley Norman

Director of Audit

Ashley Norman (CIA, CMIIA, QIAL)

Ashley is one of TIAA’s Directors of Audit having joined the company in 2001 and has over two decades of internal audit experience.

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Ashley is one of TIAA’s Directors of Audit having joined the company in 2001. Ashley has over two decades of internal audit experience, is dedicated and highly motivated and was previously an in-house internal auditor prior to moving into the third sector and then joining us.

Leading and supporting a team of highly skilled specialists, Ashley consistently delivers to his portfolio of clients across different public sector organisations. Ashley is responsible for oversight on all aspects of the service, including developing strategic and annual plans, presenting to audit committees, devising, monitoring and reviewing individual audit assignments and strengthening assurance at every client.

Ashley has particular expertise in the areas of risk management, governance, maintenance delivery and development programmes. He has the knowledge and experience to make significant and recognised contributions to maintaining and improving internal control and performance and ultimately, the improvement of operational performance.

Career Highlights

  • Developing the use of Data Analytics software to provide a deep dive into the ‘Big Six’ property compliance areas at a medium sized Housing Organisation. The client had been given a good level of assurance over the prior years but had agreed that limited testing across the all areas could leave it exposed, especially considering the number of Housing sectors self-notifying or being investigated by the Regulator for compliance issues. The data analysis identified a number of key exposure risks for the client.
  • Developing an audit framework for Dis-repair claims which are rapidly increasing with the Housing Sector and delivered this review to a large south London ALMO. The audit identified a number of procedures that were not in place when responding to dis-repairs, claims, poor co-ordination with legal teams and identified weak controls surrounding post inspections of work carried out under the dis-repair claims which led to further claims and increased compensation costs.
  • Leading the IA Team at a central London Regulator client after a change of provider. The client and audit committee members were impressed with the working arrangements and detailed provision by TIAA and the London IA Team, they recommended us to another central London Regulator client, who approached TIAA directly on the back of the positive working arrangements reported as they were unhappy with their current provision.
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