Nick MacBeath

Director of Audit

Nick MacBeath (ACFS, CMIIA)

Nick is one of TIAA’s Directors of Audit having joined the company in 1999. Nick is dedicated and highly motivated with extensive experience in internal audit for nearly three decades.

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Nick is one of TIAA’s Directors of Audit having joined the company in 1999. Nick is dedicated and highly motivated with extensive experience in internal audit for nearly three decades.

Leading and supporting a team of highly skilled specialists, Nick consistently delivers to a diverse range of clients across a variety of public sector organisations. His current portfolio allows Nick to work with clients to improve systems and processes to ensure continuous improvement and value for money.

Nick is responsible for oversight on all aspects of the service, including developing strategic and annual plans, presenting to audit committees, devising, monitoring and reviewing individual audit assignments and strengthening assurance at every client. Nick has particular expertise in added value system reviews, conducting special investigations (criminal and disciplinary) and carrying out ad-hoc/non-standard audit reviews. He has also worked on developing our very successful proactive anti-fraud work at our clients. This work is designed both to deter potential fraudsters and also to identify possible opportunities which may have been exploited.

Career Highlights

  • Leading on the planning and delivery of wide ranging programme of internal audit reviews to a small housing provider who had had no previous experience of working with and internal audit function. As well as the delivery of the work through the operational teams, the work involved planning and prioritising the key areas of focus within the Client’s budget and working with the Board and the Executive Team to guide them through their roles in the process to ensure effective oversight. The outcomes reported a significant number of key operational weaknesses and areas of legislative non-compliance which has allowed the Client to make significant operational and governance level changes.
  • Working with a client to develop an audit scope that tested the arrangements in place across all of the Charity’s Care Homes for managing Covid-19 testing of employees. The reported outcomes included some significant breakdown in controls which meant that the Charity was not able to monitor compliance centrally and that a number of home were not able to provide assurance that all staff who had worked had returned a negative test result at the required frequency. Nick and his team were commended for their professional, understanding, flexible and friendly approach during the review with the care home staff feeding back that the nature of the auditors approach whilst on site was both insightful and supportive.
  • Following up on a whistleblowing allegation relating to the Maintenance Manager at a supported housing client authorising invoices for payment, for works that had never been completed, or had only been partially completed at a number of the client’s remote housing scheme. Nick utilised TIAA’s in house maintenance compliance team to carry out a sample of property/works surveys in order to establish the extent of any possible over charging and was able to provide comprehensive assurance that the client had not paid for any maintenance works that had not been completed. However, some significant weaknesses in the works specification process were identified and changes were made to the maintenance contract specification that was about to be let which achieve enhanced value for money for the Client.
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